Monday, 11 September 2017

Gifts For Disney Fans

Now I know there are many Disney fans out there and a few of them are in my family. Now I've got a gift guide for Disney fans. 

Disney Themed Prints. These are so easy to come by on the internet especially on Etsy. If you are looking for prints go to Sweet Allure on Etsy. Tarnya makes amazing prints which you should check out.

Disney Pyjamas.  I'm sure a lot of people love PJ's and Primark for instance do so many different styles and there range of characters are large. They are very purse friendly. Plus Primark have an amazing range of Disney PJ's, so they are easy accessible to most people. 

Disney Earrings.  This is a simple but yet effective present. 

Disney Themed Phone/Tablet/Laptop Cases. You can pick these up on Ebay for a few pounds however the range of choice is so large you'll find something for everyone.

Disney Themed Notebooks.  I personally love a good notebook, I get super excited when I get a fresh new one. So if someone you are purchasing for is like me and appreciates a good notebook and obviously loves Disney then why not blend them together.

Disney Themed Jewellery Tray.  Now I do love a good little jewellery tray to place my jewellery at the end of the day or just before I go in for a shower. This is something that will fit very easily into any interior design that someone might have. 
The Disney Book. Now this is something that I purchased Michelle 2 years ago for Christmas. This book tells you everything about the making of different movies. At the back of the book there was film strips to Alice and Wonderland, which I thought was a cute little touch. 

Disney Plush Toys. This is something that is a simple gift that can be found in most toy stores.

Disney Store Gift Cards. This is something that might be seen as an "easy" or "no effort" gift. However the Disney Store isn't cheap but if you aren't sure on what they will love the most then this is probably the best way to go. 

What gift ideas do you have for fellow Disney Fans?


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